"Boo-Boo Pussycat! He fixes problems, he chases rats!/Boo-Boo Pussycat! You got a problem? He's your cat!"

Boo-Boo is a handyman with a cutesy brand. Once he shows up in person it becomes apparent that he's an unfriendly character with a gruff Brooklyn accent, an alcoholism problem, and a porn addiction.

Claudette Eugenie Pierre de Bordeaux-Rabelle was a melancholic Cajun socialite in the late 1800s. An unfortunate accident left her missing her lower half, so miserable Ms. Rabelle lives on as a melancholic phantom bound to her headstone, which resembles the large bustle of a dress...unless viewed in profile.

L-R: Cardmaster, Manchild, The Critic, PC, and Kuro Samurai

The legend that men become wizards when they remain virgins for too long is true. At age 30, each of these men gained  superpowers. Yes, they all listen to Joe Rogan.

Montgomery McGuire AKA Cardmaster can summon familiars with his Yu-Gi-Oh duel deck. Banned from every official Pokémon Trading Card Game competition in the world.

Sang Sowol AKA Manchild has super-strength, hindered only by his dull intellect. Will sit on you if you make fun of his Super Mario diaper or chest hair shaved into a triforce.

Majd Masri AKA The Critic's head expands and explodes with the force of an atom bomb when someone insults his favorite cartoons. Thinking about starting a YouTube channel but hesitant to pull the trigger because people wouldn't comprehend his theories.

Jefferson Johnston AKA PC Master Racist can talk to technology, which is great because people hate talking to him. Frequent 4chan contributor.

Leon Lewis AKA Kuro Samurai believes he is a medieval Japanese warrior sent through time and has wicked anime ninja powers. Refuses to speak English but only knows a few Japanese words from watching Naruto.

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